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History of Bôla de Lamego

It was 1139…
… the Church of Santa Maria Maior in Almacave opened its doors to welcome King Afonso Henriques for the legendary
the legendary Lamego Courts were held, the first in Portugal, symbolically identified with the foundation of nationality, where the rules of succession to the throne were established and Afonso Henriques was acclaimed the first King of Portugal.

Legend has it that this was the first time that “Bôla de Lamego” was produced.

The city was not prepared for the influx of so many people who travelled to attend the meeting of the “First Courts”, and it became necessary to feed these people and, on the spur of the moment, the wheat flour produced in the upper part of the city, which was given the name of Seara, after being leavened, was joined by salted pork, smoked or in garlic wine, which, after being cooked in a wood-fired oven, resulted in one of the main national gastronomic delicacies, the excellence of which continues to this day.

Whether it’s ham, salpicão, sardines, cod, meat in garlic wine, ham, smoked shoulder, or other more modern variations and recipes, Bôla de Lamego can be served as a starter, snack or even a light meal, always accompanied by a good wine or sparkling wine from Lamego.

After the acclamation of the King of Portugal, the peoples represented at the meeting of the Côrtes are said to have pronounced the “Almacave Cry” in Latin “Nos liberi sumus, Rex noster liber est, manus nostrae nos liberverunt”, which in Portuguese means “We are free, our King is free, and our hands have set us free”.

Other representative products

Lamego's gastronomic riches

A land of flavours and traditions, Lamego has a unique gastronomy, a paradise of good and diverse food, from dishes to traditional sweets.

The wild rabbit, as well as the delicious ham snacks, pork sausages, the Biscoito da Teixeira, the “Lamegos”, among others, and the juicy fruits found in the orchards that stretch as far as the eye can see along the sunny slopes of the Douro lands, are just some of the delicacies that will delight the most demanding customer.

However, the main dish is the roast kid with oven-baked rice and roast potatoes.

Ingredients: Kid, round potatoes, garlic, bay leaves, paprika, parsley, white wine, olive oil, lard and salt.

Once the kid has been properly cleaned, remove the excess fat that covers the skin.
Add the crushed garlic, bay leaf, paprika, olive oil, lard and coarse salt to a bowl to season the meat.

Grease the kid with the seasoning in an earthenware roasting tin, add the sprig of parsley and white wine to the kid and leave to marinate overnight.
The next day, put the roasting tin in the oven and add the wine and parsley.

Peel the potatoes and boil them whole in salted water for about 10 minutes.

When the kid is almost cooked, distribute the potatoes over the roasting tray and coat them with the sauce from the roasting tray.

Wisdom combined with the art of good cooking and accompanied by a good, spirited wine or an excellent sparkling wine, give Lamecan gastronomy its authenticity and flavour.

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