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Santa Marta de Penaguião


Do you know what a trouxa is? Get to know this product through the hands of our artisan from Santa Marta de Penaguião! You won’t find this unique Douro labour tool anywhere else!

The trouxa was a support placed on the men’s backs to hold the harvest basket.

The trouxa was made of straw, wrapped like a kind of sausage-shaped cushion, which could be lined with either burlap or a tough animal skin, to which a small wooden slat was attached for perfect balance of the basket. This crudely padded support was suspended from the porters’ foreheads by a linen strap. Today it is used less and less, given the easy accessibility. Only in a few areas with difficult access do you see the porters with the bundle carrying the grapes up the valley!

Where to buy: Artesanato Moscatel | +351 961 023 743 | https://www.facebook.com/artesanatomoscatel

Soenga - black clay pieces

“Soenga” operates in the Douro, more specifically in Cumieira. This town, like a number of others in the Vilarreal siege, is based on the Verin-Penacova geological fault, along which a number of clay pits emerge, especially in Chaves, Tourencinho, Lordelo, Parada de Cunhos and the entire Penaguião area, as evidenced by the existence of the Fornelos ceramic kiln (Louredo and Fornelos) and another medieval kiln in Loureiro (Peso da Régua). Inspired by the ancient practices of working on the wheel and especially in moulds, it aims to add an evolutionary leap to this long history, while maintaining the primitive firing system in a reducing atmosphere, which was called “Soenga”!

Where to buy: Come na2 | soengapt@gmail.com | +351 932 594 086

Handmade soaps

Terra Nova was born out of a desire to discover the nature of things, a taste for the meticulous work of the hands, doing everything with deep respect for people and nature. They like to create and explore the world of soapmaking, so as well as being naturally functional, their soaps are also naturally fun… who said they had to be boring?

They are located in the beautiful region of Berço D’Ouro – Santa Marta de Penaguião, a place of stunning landscapes, ancient traditions and unique products, many of which are used in our formulations.

Promoting the art of 100% Natural soapmaking and the love of handcrafted work done with intention, care, integrity and love is Terra Nova’s great goal!

Where to buy: Terra Nova Sabonetes | terranovasabonetes@gmail.com | +351 912 271 674 

Dish: Bean rice made in a pot (accompanied by codfish pataniscas)

Preparation: An old-fashioned black iron pot over the flames will serve as the base for a stew, then add the rice and beans for a warm and tasty delicacy from the gods.

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