Of Neolithic occupation, the first written reference to Tarouca appears in the 6th century, attesting to its origin and preponderance during the Middle Ages, especially at the dawn of the foundation of nationality, through the connection of the first King of Portugal, Egas Moniz and Dona Teresa to the construction of the Monastery of S. João de Tarouca and the Convent of Sta. Maria de Salzedas.

In 1262 D. Afonso III granted the town the “Carta de Foro de Castro-Rei”, confirmed by D. Afonso IV, D. Dinis and again in 1514 by D. Manuel. The seat of a court with an ordinary judge, Tarouca was elevated to the district of Vara Branca with jurisdiction over crime, civil matters and orphans, a status it retained for more than three decades.

Its territory is located in the transition zone between the Beiras and Alto Douro regions, spread across the Tarouca, Varosa and Salzedas valleys and higher altitude areas such as the Nave Altiplano, Monte Raso and Serra de Santa Helena.

With a typically rural and agricultural profile, the municipality stands out for its elderberry production and meat processing and smoking industries, which are important economic activities in the region, along with the production of table and sparkling wines, pastoralism and the cultivation of rye, olives, chestnuts, apples and pears. In terms of tourism, its natural attractions and remarkable historical, cultural and architectural heritage stand out, attracting more and more visitors.

Postal code: 3610-128
Population density: 74 inhabitants per km2
District: Viseu
Municipal holiday: September 29th
Foundation of the municipality (or charter): February 27, 1514
No. of parishes: 7
Bishop: S. Miguel

Número Nacional de Emergência: 112

Bombeiros – Linha Verde: 800 202 425

Câmara Municipal de Tarouca
Av. Dr. Alexandre Taveira Cardoso 128 | 3610-128 Tarouca | GPS. 41.016164, -7.775708 | T. +351 254 677 420 | camara@cm-tarouca.pt | www.cm-tarouca.pt

Loja Interativa de Turismo
Av. Prof. Leite de Vasconcelos | 3610-022 Tarouca | GPS. 41.018251, -7.776651 | T. +351 932 875 320 | turismo@cm-tarouca.pt

Centro de Saúde de Tarouca
Av. Alberto Pereira Martins 116 | 3610-001 Tarouca | GPS. 41.022287, -7.776120 | T. +351 254 679 200 | ucsp.tarouca@arsnorte.min-saude.pt

Guarda Nacional Republicana – Posto Territorial de Tarouca
Rua Restauradores do Concelho | 3610-106 Tarouca | GPS. 41.018767, -7.779152 | T. +351 254 679 253 | ct.vis.dlmg.ptrc@gnr.pt | www.gnr.pt

Praça de Táxis de Tarouca
Praça Mártir São Sebastião | 3610-021 Tarouca | GPS. 41.019072, -7.775375 | T. +351 254 679 313

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