Torre de Moncorvo

The municipality of Torre de Moncorvo is located in the north-east of Trás-os-Montes in the south of the Bragança district, bordered to the north by Alfândega da Fé, to the north-east by Mogadouro, to the north-west by Vila Flor, and to the south and south-west by Vila Nova de Foz-Côa and Freixo de Espada-à-Cinta, respectively.

This municipality is currently part of the Douro Intermunicipal Community, whose headquarters are in Vila Real, with a delegation in Lamego and another in Torre de Moncorvo.

At an altitude of around 400 meters, halfway up the Serra do Reboredo, close to the border with Spain, at the confluence of the Sabor and Douro rivers, which are a hallmark of the municipality, as is the Vilariça valley, it covers an area of 532 km2, spread over thirteen parishes. A large area of the municipality belongs to the so-called Douro Demarcated Region and, to a small extent, to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Being a predominantly rural municipality, its main crops are olive trees, almond trees and vines, which, together with pastoralism, define the main aspects of its agricultural identity. Torre de Moncorvo is a town that is surprising for the diversity of its heritage: Architectural, Archaeological, Natural, Geological, Industrial, Gastronomic.

A stroll through the historic center, with its architectural legacies, manor houses, the minor Basilica N. Sra. d’Assunção, chapels, fountains, leaps from the past to embrace the present and the imagination of those seeking an encounter with culture and identity.

These are good reasons for you to get to know and enjoy all the potential that the municipality of Torre de Moncorvo has to offer. Because in Torre de Moncorvo, we are waiting for you 365 days a week!

Postcode: 5160
Population density: 16,1 hab./km² -( 8572 Habitantes)
District: Bragança
Municipal holiday:
19 de março
Foundation of the municipality (or charter): 1285 – Foral de D. Dinis
N.º de freguesias: 13
Oratory: Nossa Senhora D´Assunção


21 Jun 2024
Torre de Moncorvo
13 Ago 2024
Torre de Moncorvo
07 Set 2024
Torre de Moncorvo
14 Dec 2024
Torre de Moncorvo

Número Nacional de Emergência: 112

Bombeiros – Linha Verde: 800 202 425

Câmara Municipal de Torre de Moncorvo
Largo Dr. Campos Monteiro | 5160-303 Torre de Moncorvo | GPS. 41.175265, -7.052109 | T. +351 279 200 220 | |

Loja Interactivade Turismo
Rua dos Sapateiros 15 | 5160-278 Torre de Moncorvo | GPS. 41.175281, -7.051454 | T. +351 279 252 289 |

UCSP – Unidade de Cuidados de Saúde Primários de Torre de Moncorvo
Av. das Amendoeiras | 5160-304 Torre de Moncorvo | GPS. 41.174543, -7.046429 | T. +351 279 200 770 |

Guarda Nacional Republicana – Posto Territoria
Av. Jorge Luís Borges 34 | 5160-220 Torre de Moncorvo | GPS. 41.175011, -7.043879 | T. +351 279 254 115 ||

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