The best viewpoints in the Douro

Aquilino Ribeiro once said that “Those who don’t tire reach.” And it is right in the heart of the Douro that we highlight the best viewpoints. With an enviable landscape, the view invites you to visit the paintings of the Douro.

From A to Z, we share with you which ones to visit, by municipality:

We begin this journey in Alijó. Once called the Portuguese ambassador for wine production, this town invites you to visit the Miradouro do Ujo. This is the reference point from which you can contemplate the Tua Valley. Like an invitation to the heavens, the architecture is designed to envelop you in nature.

Moving on to the next destination, Armamar divides the territory, with the Douro Valley to the north and the Beira plateau to the south. The Misarela viewpoint allows you to take in the immense views of the Douro Valley and the Serra do Marão. You can also hear the water flowing in the waterfall that gives this viewpoint its name.

History wanted to leave its mark on Carrazeda de Ansiães. With paintings, castles and dolmens, nothing compares to the landscapes of the Senhora da Graça viewpoint. Set on a granite hill, anyone who climbs to the top is amazed by the vast area that captures the eye. Between the Carrazedense plateau and part of the Tua River Valley, you’re left with the desire to appreciate what nature has to offer.

Have you ever heard of the Penedo Durão viewpoint? In Freixo de Espada à Cinta, in addition to the famous Freixo with the sword, you’ll be dazzled by the view of the region. The landscape is breathtaking, and wouldn’t this be a Douro landmark, decorated with the region’s farms.

Lamego, a city with a centuries-old heritage and culture, presents us with the Miradouro da Boa Vista. The focus is lost among so many natural riches. Visitors will have a panoramic view of the villages, the hard-working vineyards, the Douro Valley, pine forests and olive groves.

We’ve arrived at Porta do Douro, in the municipality of Mesão Frio. Its history is intertwined with national history. But we can guarantee one thing: the Miradouro do Imaginário reaffirms the beauty of the Douro. Like an amphitheater, the protagonists of this stage are the valleys, the vineyard terraces, decorated with the unforgettable blue of the River Douro.

Can you imagine floating in nature? The Miradouro da Nossa Senhora da Conceição gives you that chance. Located in Moimenta da Beira, this is a municipality characterized by its centuries-old architectural heritage. Allow yourself to travel in the immensity that the eye can capture. 

Murça, a land of charm worth discovering. We arrive at the São Domingos viewpoint. Like a suspension bridge, the view is infinite, panoramic, decorated with undulating vineyards and olive groves.

The municipality of Penedono is strongly marked by its Roman and religious heritage. The Santa Luzia viewpoint is located at one of the highest points. After being refurbished to offer you a unique moment, you’ll be able to enjoy the landscapes of the Douro and even the mountains, between the Douro and Beira.

We’ve reached the halfway point of this beautiful journey and the next stop is Peso da Régua. With its welcoming people, you can easily sweeten your palate with the typical sweets. Classed as one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Douro region, the Miradouro de São Leonardo de Galafura is where Miguel Torga left his mark and called it “O Douro sublimado. (…) A geological poem. Absolute beauty.”

We continue on to Sabrosa. This is the land and its people that have inspired writers, historians and anyone who is truly passionate about the Douro. It is the land of Fernão de Magalhães, who on his journey around the world never came across such beauty. The Sabrosa viewpoint overlooks the River Pinhão, with a cultural landscape of the Alto Douro Wine Region, a World Heritage Site.

The São Pedro viewpoint is located at the top of the hill, in a privileged spot where you’ll be enchanted by the most breathtaking views of the Douro region. Santa Marta de Penaguião is home to this viewpoint, a historic land.

An immense picture, painted in delicate colors, divided by the Douro River Valley. The São Salvador do Mundo viewpoint fortifies the great beauty, the steep and rugged slopes. It is located in São João da Pesqueira, the heart of the Douro.

Sernancelhe, the town with Lusitanian roots. The harmonious peace between the view, what is natural and what history has left behind takes us to the Senhora das Necessidades viewpoint. This offers a beautiful view over the basin of the River Távora.

When you visit Tabuaço, you can’t miss the Nossa Senhora de Fátima viewpoint. Elegantly decorated with a frame reminiscent of vines and what the Douro gives us so much, the only possible description is unimaginable. The views are unparalleled, the terraces are many and accompanied by the meandering Douro River.

The horizon from the Miradouro da Serra de Santa Helena is vast, predominantly green and jagged. Accompanied by some examples of medieval architecture, Tarouca is home to the only fortified bridge in the Iberian Peninsula. 

Venture out on the huge swing at the São Lourenço viewpoint. Torre de Moncorvo offers an extensive cultural agenda and unique landscapes. The eye is lost in the blue of the river and the surrounding tones. The melody of the wind and nature enchants visitors.

Get ready for a truly unforgettable adventure. We’re talking about Vila Nova de Foz Côa, characterized by severe, rugged and grandiose landscapes. Our suggestion for you to enjoy this municipality is the Côa Viewpoint. Between the heavens and the earth, man built a passage of peace and meditation.

We’ve reached our final destination, the town of the king. When visiting Vila Real, pass by the Vila Velha viewpoint. Here you can see the rugged terrain, built by nature. Located in the heart of the old town, the final painting is breathtaking. The sound of the river flowing and the birds singing will remain etched in your memory.

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