PASSAPORTE DOURO – Discover and live a unique experience!

With partnerships with the Douro and Porto Wine Institute and Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal, CIMDOURO believes that these entities add an extraordinary dimension to the Douro Passport and increase the certainty of success that it has formulated for it.

The Douro Passport is a project based on a simple but dynamic and essentially very practical idea. In other words, visitors to the Douro can obtain a Douro Passport in the interactive tourism stores of the 19 municipalities and start their journey to discover 76 points of interest in this geographical area of more than 4,000 square kilometers that is CIMDOURO.

As they pass through each of the points of interest, they stamp their Passport and when they have completed their “journey” through the CIMDOURO territory, tourists will receive a certificate of excellence and an exclusive gift from the Douro and Porto Wine Institute. To help visitors, an app is available containing promotional videos of the points of interest indicated by each municipality.

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