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Castro Céltico De Cidadelhe


It is located in the parish of Cidadelhe. Long before Portugal became independent, Cidadelhe was a settlement called CIVITADELLA, destroyed in 134 BC by the troops of a Roman general. In this same settlement, archaeological excavations carried out in 1983 found Roman coins bearing the image of Emperor Caesar Augustus. The Castro de Cidadelhe was a metallurgical settlement founded during the late Bronze Age, which was followed, after its destruction, by a new Castro occupation. This period must correspond to the construction of the outer walls, created by the original inhabitants, most likely to defend against invasions by enemy troops. A medieval quadrangular tower dating from the 10th century was built in the area of the acropolis. The Romans left traces of their presence in this parish, namely a stretch of sidewalk and the Martinhos Bridge. The Roman military road from Braga to Amarante passed through here. It has been classified as a building of public interest.


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