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Mother Church Of Penedono


It consists of two main bodies, the nave and chancel, to which are added the sacristy in the chancel and two side chapels off the nave. The façade is made entirely of simple stonework, with a jagged pediment culminating in the apex cross between pinnacles resting on cornerstones, a slightly curved lintel, above which the choir's lightwell opens under the papal tiara, flanked by the bell tower. In the chancel, with a rectangular floor plan and a wooden cradle vault divided into 35 coffers, with popular paintings of the saints of greatest devotion, the great Joanine altarpiece stands out, with gilded and polychrome carvings featuring the images of St. Peter and St. Paul. The side chapels opened up in the parish church were originally private chapels, the one on the right being dedicated to the Holy Spirit, and where there is currently a baptismal font, as well as a sculpture of the Holy Trinity; the one on the left was built by D. Leonor Coutinho, under the invocation of Our Lady of the Conception, as a family mausoleum, and is currently dedicated to Our Lady of Fátima. The patron saint, St. Peter, is celebrated on June 29, which is also the date of the municipal holiday.


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