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Megalithic Necropolis of Lameira De Cima


Here, the landscape is overwhelming and it's only after we return to our bodies with our breath held by the astonishment of the site's surroundings that we realize the large funerary monument, as well as the existence of another one that is smaller. The two funerary monuments at Lameira de Cima form a megalithic necropolis that is one of the most important sacro-funerary spaces in Penedonia. The largest monument, known as dolmen 1 of Lameira de Cima, has an enlarged polygonal chamber with a medium-sized corridor and there are still remains of the mound. The excavation work revealed that it was used between the end of the 4th and 3rd millennia BC, as well as very important information about offerings and rituals, such as the sealing of the tomb when it was no longer in use. The artifacts discovered, related to the offerings, are today on display in the Identity and Memory Space and are of great wealth and variety, including axes, arrowheads, necklace beads, hoes and ceramics.




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