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Praia Fluvial da Congida


The Congida River Beach is considered a tourist reference of the Douro and emblem of Freixo de Espada à Cinta. Surrounded by the exuberant nature of the Douro International Natural Park and flanked by agricultural landscapes, where olive trees, orange trees and vineyards stand out, Congida is a privileged space that invites leisure and leisure. Dubbed by many as the "oasis of the hot land of Trás-os-Montes", the Congida River Beach is located on the large reservoir formed by the Saucelle dam, near the border with Spain. Here visitors can relax in the shade in the large lawned gardens, dive into the warm and calm waters of the Douro River, taste the river fish caught there directly, and have a picnic in the picnic area, equipped with barbecue grills, while the younger ones enjoy the playground. There is also a river pier from where tourist boat trips depart up the Douro, a unique opportunity to observe the diversity of surrounding vegetation, sought after by several species that nest on the slopes next to the river. In the impressive and stunning landscape of the Congida River Beach, the visitor has all the conditions of health, tranquility and safety (endowed with Blue Flag), presenting itself as the place of choice for relaxation and physical and psychological well-being, provided by an attractive and quality reception space. This is a place of great calm and natural beauty waiting to welcome you.


Freixo de Espada à Cinta
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